Clotrimazole Ovules 500 mg Suppository-Pessaries

Therapeutic Class:

Dosage Forms:

Brand Name: Vogyna-Cl

How it works?

Clotrimazole Ovules 500 mg – Vogyna-Cl ovules are recommended for the treatment of candidal vaginitis.

The ovule should be inserted into the vagina, as high as possible, using the applicator provided.
Adults: One 500 mg ovule should be inserted at night. Using the applicator provided, the ovule should be inserted as high as possible into the vagina. This is best achieved when lying back with legs bent up. A second treatment may be carried out if necessary.
Generally: treatment during the menstrual period should not be performed due to the risk of the ovule being washed out by the menstrual flow. The treatment should be finished before the onset of menstruation.
Do not use tampons, intravaginal douches, spermicides or other vaginal products while using this product.

Vaginal intercourse should be avoided in case of vaginal infection and while using this product because the partner could become infected.
Children: As the product is used with an applicator, paediatric usage is not recommended.
Vogyna-Cl should be used for vaginal application only. Insert the ovule using the applicator provided inside the carton of Vogyna-Cl.

As the listed undesirable effects are based on spontaneous reports, assigning accurate frequency of occurrence for each is not possible.
Immune system disorders
Allergic reaction (syncope, hypotension, dyspnea, urticaria, pruritus).
Reproductive system and breast disorders:
Genital peeling, pruritus, rash, oedema, erythema, discomfort, burning, irritation, pelvic pain, vaginal haemorrhage.
Gastrointestinal disorders
Abdominal pain.

Medical advice should be sought if this is the first time the patient has experienced symptoms of candidal vaginitis.
Before using Vogyna-Cl ovule, medical advice must be sought if any of the following are applicable:
– more than two infections of candidal vaginitis in the last 6 months.
– previous history of sexually transmitted disease or exposure to partner with sexually transmitted disease.
– pregnancy or suspected pregnancy.
– aged under 16 or over 60 years.
– known hypersensitivity to imidazoles or other vaginal antifungal products.

Vogyna-Cl ovules should not be used if the patient has any of the following symptoms where upon medical advice should be sought:
– irregular vaginal bleeding.
– abnormal vaginal bleeding or a blood-stained discharge.
– vulval or vaginal ulcers, blisters or sores.
– lower abdominal pain or dysuria.
– any adverse events such as redness, irritation or swelling associated with the treatment.
– fever or chills.
– nausea or vomiting.
– diarrhoea.
– foul smelling vaginal discharge.

Patients should be advised to consult their physician if the symptoms have not been relieved within one week of using Vogyna-Cl ovules. Vogyna-Cl ovules can be used again if the candidal infection returns after 7 days. However, if the candidal infection recurs more than twice within six months, patients should be advised to consult their physician.

Store in cool and dry place at temperature below 25 °C and protect from light.
Keep the medicine out of reach of children.

Aluminum strip pack
Vogyna-Cl is available in an Aluminum strip (laminated with paper) of 5 ovules. Such 01 strip in a unit carton with package insert and applicator.

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