Bioactive collagen peptide type-II, Hyaluronic acid And Diacerin Powder

Therapeutic Class:

Dosage Forms:

Brand Name: Procare Joint

How it works?

Bioactive collagen peptide type-II, Hyaluronic acid And Diacerin Powder – Procare Joint is to be taken as a supplemental source that Improve Joint Flexibility, support cartilage, back, jaw, and joint health, benefit those with autoimmune-related joint issues such as arthritis.

Procare Joint should be taken by oral rout only.
One sachet per day or as directed by dietician or Physician.

Possibly safe when taken by mouth as per prescribed dose. Some people might have stomach problems after taking collagen type II. Headache, difficulty sleeping, dizziness, and liver problems have also occurred. But these events are uncommon.
The most common side effects of diacerin supplements are gastrointestinal symptoms including soft stools and diarrhea. These are generally mild to moderate and occur more frequently in the first 2 weeks, and lessen with continued treatment. Mild skin reactions (rash, pruritus and eczema) have also been reported with diacerin Supplements.

People who are allergic to chicken or eggs should not use collagen type II. Collagen products have been associated with allergic reactions.
Due to the potential complications that can occur as a result of diarrhea in older adults, diacerin is no longer recommended in patients aged 65 years and above.
It should not be used in any patient with liver disease or a history of liver disease, and doctors should be monitoring their patients for early signs of liver problems.
Concomitant intake of laxatives should be avoided.

Store below 30° C temperature and protect from direct sunlight and moisture.
Keep out of reach of Children.

15 gm x 10 sachets
Procare Joint is available in 15 gm sachet. Such 10 sachet in carton with pack insert.

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