Selenium With Vitamin C, Vitamin E, ?-Carotene And Vitamin B complex Softgel Capsule

Therapeutic Class:

Dosage Forms:

Brand Name: Immunovite

How it works?

Selenium With Vitamin C, Vitamin E, β-Carotene And Vitamin B complex Softgel Capsule – Immunovite tablet is a dietary supplement.

The usual dose for adults one soft capsule once daily.

After taking Immunovite, these symptoms may occur, nausea,
emesis, pruritus, dermatitis alopecia, diarrhea, constipation,
anorexia, crisis, mania. If symptom occurs, discontinue
administration and consult your doctor.
High dose administration is not advised.
Co-administration with vitamin E may increase risk of thrombosis
-women on oral contraceptive pills including estrogen
– patients who have thrombus diathesis.
Resistance may occur if the high long-term administered.
Sensory neuropathy may occur if 500 mg to 2 g in a day of
pyridoxine is administered for a long time.
If the patients who are deficient in folic are administered over
10 ug of vitamin B12 in a day, hematological reaction may occur.
High close administration may cause glucose tolerance
impairment, hyperurisemia and liver damage.
High dose administration may cause nausea, emesis, edema,
hypematremia, congestive heart failure.

Do not exceed prescribed dosage.
Consult a doctor or pharmacist if there is no improvement after
a month therapy.
Vitamin A is supplied enough from food, therefore, the dose of
adjuvant therapy should not excced 5,000 IU/day.

Store in a cool and dry place.
Keep out of the reach of children.
Do not preserve in other containers in order to maintain quality of the drug and avoid misusing.

5 Capsules/Blister x 6 Blisters/Box

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